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BABAYLAN DK, the Philippine Women’s Network in Denmark, established 17 May 1997 by a half score Metro Copenhagen Filipinas meeting over cups of coffee and dozens of “lumpia shanghai” (FIlipino mini “forårsruller”) in previous weeks, finally decided on a May evening to formally start the network they called Babaylan Denmark. It was to function as the national Danish platform for the first ever woman network in the EU, Babaylan EUROPE, established 5 years earlier in Barcelona which gathered 60 Filipinas from all over the continent, one of them, the Danish Filipina journalist and editor, Filomenita Mongaya Høgsholm, who became Babaylan Denmark’s Founding chair.
The celebration of the 20 year milestone that will open at 13:00 hrs this upcoming Saturday 20 May offers a number of activities to emphasize immigrant women concerns and initiatives therein, often relegated by Official Denmark into a mere “problem”. On the contrary, Babaylan women will showcase relevant issues and solutions to share with a multi-ethnic metro-Copenhagen public at the unique setting of the Unitarian Church located beside the American Embassy, Østerbrogade 50, just 5 min. from Østerport Station and 2 minutes from Lille Triangle. FREE ENTRY to everyone.

A Media Literacy seminar open to All will take up newer angles like Fake News, Scams, Phissing expeditions, brainwashing and more. Continuing the women and media theme is a Poster exhibition of Magazine covers from two migrant women publications, Soldue (self-published from 1989 – 1967) which garnered the only Award ever for an ethnic publication, namely Grassroots Foundation Award which it shared that year with the hardhitting magazine Press; the prize of 25 000 dkk enabled 6 migrant women to go to the UN Women conference of 1995 in Beijing. The other publication is the 3-lingual Abakada: “abakada” is Filipino jargon to mean “abc”s or basics of Women Empowerment in the migration and development nexus and all areas involved herein. Cultural numbers like music and dance will occur during the afternoon, so will a full-blown flea market where the public can buy clothes, shoes, bags, kitchen wares at cheap prices. There will also be Filipiniana goods and services like massage, manicure, facials plus not to forget, an Auction of the best “white elephant” (New) items from closets screaming “One woman’s junk is another woman’s jewel” so bring some Ready Cash, you might make a “killing”, a super cheap, incredible coup! All throughout the day there is Free Coffee and small “tikims” ( taste morsels) plus combo meals from the FIlipino kitchen for the hungry at very reasonable prices. The afternoon will end with a Surprise for all: PLEASE Stay till the end and have True Fun the Filipino way. GRATIS/FREE Entrance to all activities.

More info: or call/SMS: 26918354/50348836/

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