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New Immigration Rules & Requirements…

Integrationsminister Birthe Rønn Hornbech

Integrationsminister Birthe Rønn Hornbech

The Danish government and “Dansk Folkeparti”  has made an agreement on “modernizing”  immigration rules and requirements for family reunification.

The government hopes that  the agreement will ensure a faster and better integration for both the reunited couples as well as their children.  It will also contribute to economic growth and reduced government expenses.

24 year requirement now with point system
The requirement that the applicant must be over 24 years to get his/her spouse to Denmark will be supplemented by a point system to make it easier to get educated, articulate and actively working immigrants in the country.  In the same manner, it also gives points if the couple settles outside the so-called isolated residential area, also called ghetto.

The attachment requirement sharpened
In the future, the couple’s attachment to Denmark shall be substantially greater than their attachment to another country. This means,  it is no longer sufficient that the applicant has a single visa,  but multiple visas to stay in Denmark. The visa will be granted in connection with Danish language courses, which the applicant himself/herself shall pay for.

Doubling of bank guarantee
The 50,000 kroner bank guarantee requirement is raised to  100,000 kroner.

More demands on foreigners in Denmark

Those who have already received permanent residency under the old rules must also meet the requirement of full-time employment for more than 2 ½ years within the last 3 years of their stay in Denmark, if they wish to get their non-danish partners or spouses to the country.  The Danish language test is also a requirement they need to fulfill.

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3 Responses

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  1. avatar Edith Marie Rosenmeier says

    Dear Babaylan Denmark.
    Could you briefly tell me about the implications for au pairs?
    Kind regards
    Edith Marie Rosenmeier
    The National Museum of Denmark

  2. avatar owie says

    @edith marie rosenmeier:
    i don’t think that au pairs are affected by the new immigration rules. although yet to be implemented, the new rules cover only those who intend to migrate to denmark, in particular those who are planning to apply for family reunification. au pairs have other terms and conditions in coming to denmark. the duration of their stay in denmark is up to 18 months, or in exceptional cases maximum of 2 yrs. the purpose or intention is different which is why they are not bound to fulfill the point system.
    owie n delfter

  3. avatar Edith Marie Rosenmeier says

    Dear Owie.
    Thank you for your answer and your fast response. I thougt so ie that au pairs have what you “mention as other terms and conditions in coming to Denmark”. I found it interesting that you put the information on your homepage and just would like to hear the if and how the point system would affect au pairs. So I ´ll go on with the au pair-project expecting the same arrangement as before.
    Knd regards
    Edith Marie Rosenmeier
    The National Museum of Denmark