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Overseas Voting for the May 2013 National Elections

The Philippine Embassy in Oslo would like to advise the Filipino communities in Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Sweden that overseas voting for the 2013 National (Senatorial) Elections will be held from 13 April to 13 May 2013.

The method of voting for registered overseas voters in these five countries will be postal voting which means that electoral mails containing the official ballots and other election paraphernalia are sent directly by the COMELEC to the voters through mail.

If you have received your electoral mail, we advise you to please read and carefully follow the instructions stated in the electoral mail before casting your vote. In particular, you should not forget to:

  • Affix your thumb mark on the ballot coupon which is located on the lower portion of the official ballot;
  • Detach the ballot coupon;
  • Fold the ballot and seal it with the provided paper seal;
  • Place the sealed ballot and the detached ballot coupon inside the provided ballot envelope;
  • Write their name and affix their signature on the upper left-hand corner of the ballot envelope

Once you have completed and sealed your ballot, please mail the provided envelope (OAVF No. 45) to the Philippine Embassy in Oslo. Please note that in some ballot envelopes, the address of the Embassy may have been erroneously printed as (NEDRE VOLLGATE 5) instead of NEDRE VOLLGATE 4. Please change the street number from 5 to 4 to reflect the correct address of the Embassy.

Mailed ballots have to be received by the Embassy on or before 1:00 p.m. of 13 May 2013. Since the postage for the return mail is not pre-paid, voters will have to purchase and affix appropriate postage stamps before mailing their ballot.

Registered overseas voters who have not yet received their electoral mails from Comelec can inquire with the Embassy by sending an email to (Subject Heading : “OV 2013).

Source:  Philippine Embassy in Norway

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