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Dear Colleagues in the Danish Press


When and Where:  Thursday, 22 August 2013, Unlad House, Borgergade 17 b, where bus no.26 from Østerport train station stops by the door.

Guest Speaker:  Atty. RODEL RODIS, President of the GFDC, Global Filipinos in Diaspora Council, journalist and immigration lawyer

Arranged by: BABAYLAN (Phil.Women’s Network) and PWEDE (Progressive Women in Europe for Development and Empowerment) in coordination with ENFiD, European Network for Filipinos in Diaspora.

The Copenhagen Open Forum is to follow up on the First initiative in the Global Stop China campaign which started with a worldwide rally and demonstration last July 24th, also known as a Global Protest Day  before  Chinese embassies  and diplomatic representations all over the world. In the case of Denmark, the organizer Filomenita Mongaya opted for a two hour quiet dialogue with the Danish people in front of the Folketing (Parliament).

Thursday’s event will focus on two areas: 1) the geopolitical situation in

the Asian waters that expedite at least half of the world’s ships engage in commerce and trade.; and 2) the overseas voting rights of migrant populations in their  home countries.

Atty. Rodel Rodis, is a San Francisco based lawyer and journalist based in San Francisco. He is the newly elected President of the newly founded Global Council for Filipinos in Diaspora,the  global governing body for the close to 12 million FIlipinos abroad who send remittances and actively involved in how the country is run through gaining voting rights.

Rodel Rodis has  just finished a speaking engagement in London on the same issues.and is coming to Copenhagen on Thursday where he looks forward to answering questions on the aforementioned topics.  Bring a friend who you know can profit from an informed and nuanced angle to the Chinese-Philippine conflict.

COME ONE, COME ALL…Limited Capacity. See you 11 am.

“The world  has   to know that the Ayungin Reef, China’s latest acquisition from the Philippines, is only 160+ nautical miles from the Philippines but is more than 600 nautical .miles from Beijing!

Come and Listen to the leading expert on the issue,  Atty Rodel. Rodis who has written countless articles for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Philippine Daily Inquirer in his stop-over in Copenhagen.

Background It is exactly a year ago, July 24, 2012 that Chinese warships occupied the Philippines’ Ayungin Reef, an area that has always belonged to the province of Palawan, known to many European tourists simply as Paradise. The reef, which is located only 85 nautical miles from the Philippines – but is more than 600 miles from China – is the gateway to the resource rich Recto Bank (named after the highly respected Senator Claro M Recto) which has been estimated to contain 213 billion barrels of oil and 2 quadrillion cubic feet of gas by the US’ Energy Information Agency. Filipinos link their future with it. For them the issue is about their natural right in extracting “oil in their own soil”.

Therefore, the Philippines has tried to negotiate with China over the intrusion but Beijing has ignored all such moves. UNCLOS, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea states that every nation has rights to 200 nautical mile radius which is theirs to exploit for natural resources. But due to China’s unilateral move a year ago to declare the whole of the south China Sea as indisputably theirs, 6 Southeast Asian maritime states including the Philippines are now bereft of this natural territory.

On January this year, the Philippine government started an Arbitration procedure, an international move to bring China to the negotiation table which only led to arrogant behaviour. Last month in June 2013, during the ASEAN summit in Brunei, the assembled united states of Asia formulated a Code of Conduct, which China reluctantly considered. Superficially as some countries noted. Finally, last week in July, the Philippine government lodged the issue with the International Court of Justice in The Hague in The Netherlands.

Filipinos in diasporaare standing solid with their government on this question, so Filipinos  like those in Denmark  point out that if China is not stopped from lording it in the waters in said region, where a third of the world’s ships pass through, ALL countries, eg. in the Nordic area who have an interest in unhampered  maritime navigation will experience a nasty surprise. Unchecked in its hegemony, China is beginning to be a major headache,..the Goliath Dragon to the 6 Davids: Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines.

For more info, please contact F M Hoegsholm at or call mobil:26918354

OPEN-FORUM with Rodel Rodis


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