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Invitation to the 4th Summer Sport Tournament

Summer Sport Event is Babaylan-Denmark’s highlight every summer and now on its 4th year. It is a well attended event at Bellevue Strand in Klampenborg. Come and join us. It’s free for everyone. Bring your own picnic basket. Mix and mingle. Grill and chill. Play and cheer. Be there and join the fun!

Don’t miss the  4th Babaylan Denmark annual Summer Sport Tournament featuring the most beloved Pinoy Sport, Volleyball.

You can join the Volleyball Tournament by forming your Group/Team into 8 maximum of 12 players

Comment here or PM us your Group’s name and members and your team captain’s contact email and mobile number.
Choose your team colors and pay 150 dk for registration including tshirt.
Proceeds will go to the expenses for the tshirt and printing of good quality and expenses for the food of the volunteers, referrees, scorers and other expenses.

Babaylan is a non profit organization which dont have any funding from goverments or big org. Everything is voluntary but we ask our supporters and sponsors to cover the cost of

Cash Prizes for the 3 winners and prizes for lottery.
We need payment as soon as possible to order the t shirts, medals.. you can pay thru bank transfer FINANSBANKEN
Registration Nr – 6610
Account Nr – 2494890Call or sms Ana Navarro Lindenhann 53500574 or Gemma Høegh 23888611 or Judy Jover 30957761

k volleyball

Rules of the Game:
1. We will use standard indoor volleyball rules with six players on each team, although we are playing outside on the beach. In ‘real’ beach volleyball, there are only two players per team. In our sportsfest, there are six players. Substitutions are allowed and we recommend that a team be composed of more than six players.
In the past years, the teams have been all-Filipino, or with one Danish member. If there are any other changes to the rules, these will be voted upon in a pre-game meeting with all team captains present.

2. Mixed teams are allowed (boys and girls), with a maximum of two boys on each team playing at any one time. In 2012, we made an exception for a team of all gay players. They were allowed to play on the condition that no one in the team can spike a ball. This will also apply that men don’t have spike the ball. The organizers should be informed in advance the composition of the team.

3. To win a game, a team must win two sets. A set is won by reaching 15 points. This means that a maximum of 3 sets will be played per game if the score is tied after two sets.

4. Each team will play 3 games against different teams. After these 3 rounds, the 4 highest ranking teams with the most number of wins will be selected for the semi-final round. In case of a tie, the number of points won in the sets will be used as tie-breaker.

5. The semi-final round is composed of only one game. In the final round, the two losers (in the semi-finals) will play a game for third and fourth place. The two winners (in the semi-finals) will play each other in the final game for first and second place.

6. Referees are volunteers (not professionals). Players should remember that although there may be ‘wrong’ calls, we have not had problems with favoritism or outright cheating among referees. Players should respect the referees’ decisions.

7. Team members and audience members may be called upon to act as line watchers and scorers. Please volunteer.

8. All must follow rules for use of the public beach. No littering. No sale of food or drinks. No grilling outside of designated areas. Be prepared to bring a jacket or umbrella in case of light rain. If the weather is expected to be really bad that day, the organizers will inform participants about an alternative venue or date.

9. The Team should assign a team captain who will represent the team for communication to the organizer. The Team captain will submit his/her name , mobile number and email to the or PM at Facebook.

10. For the sake of uniformity we will impose registration fee of 175 dk for the participants which will cover the cost of T shirt and other expenses. The Team captain should submit the Name of players and sizes of t shirt as well collect the payment of the team. Registration fee will cover the cash prizes, medals, trophies, food and drinks for the volunteers and other expenses incurred in this particular event. Please be reminded that Babaylan DK is a non profit organization and don’t have any fundings from the Danish State and Unions. Deadline for payment should be August 11,2013 thru ebank FINANSBANKEN
Registration Nr – 6610
Account Nr – 2494890
Or Thru Ana Lindenhann (53500574), Hedelyn Reyes (60473279), Gemma (2388 86 11) & Judy 30957761

11.Although the competitive spirit is strong, please remember that the sportsfest is primarily a fun event that builds camaraderie and a sense of community among all participants. Let’s have fun and enjoy the Danish summer together!

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