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European Feminist Forum – A Herstory (2004-2008)

European Feminist Forum  - A Herstory (2004-2008)

European Feminist Forum - A Herstory (2004-2008)

This herstory tells the story of vision, conflict, struggle and courage, as an increasingly expanding group of people engaged in debate and organizing the EFF. The participants had to step outside their normal working environments to communicate with each other. Small feminist groups working with local struggles brought their issues into broader international contexts, and groups working across borders engaged with grassroots activists they may never meet again. For the organizers, we had to struggle with prioritizing our project in our own working lives, while at the same time realizing that resources we needed for the project were in some ways in competition with the resources needed for our groups and organizations. At times we had to balance the immediate needs of our own organizations with the potential long-term benefits of a collective endeavour. We engaged in political and strategic disagreements. And, as the timeframe stretched beyond the original commitment each of us made to this project, the ability of Steering Committee members to continue to be involved was put to the test. Meanwhile, questions surfaced around who has the legitimacy to call for such a meeting, and how to ensure that ‘Europe’ is understood as the wider Europe, whatever that actually is. ….

The European Feminist Forum – A Herstory (2004-2008)

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