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Building Alliances to Claim Migrant Women’s Human Rights

Babaylan’s Founding Chair and current International and Press liaison FILOMENITA MONGAYA HOEGSHOLM, is attending the AWID (Alliance for Women in Development) Forum in Istanbul from 19 to 22 April as co-Presenter at a Workshop on Women and Migration entitled

Building Alliances to Claim Migrant Women’s Human Rights

An Interactive Workshop at the AWID Forum, Istanbul

Thursday, April 19, 4:30PM – 6:00PM, Haskoy room, EN/TU. #20509

The interactive workshop is organized by the :Women and Global Migration Network and will:


  • View global migration from an economic justice and women’s human rights lens
  • Strategize on how to impact “push factors” of migration as well as migrant women’s rights in receiving countries
  • Bridge gaps between women’s human rights activists, migrant women’s and labor organizations to advance migrant women’s human rights

There is an unprecedented movement of people across borders in search of livelihoods as a direct outcome of more than 30 years of neo-liberal globalization. Migrant women cross all other identities: age, race, ethnicity, ability, sexual identity, class, religion and others. Current policies create the need to migrate and then exploit migrants’ labor and criminalize them for their presence. Women migrants face specific challenges in the home, the community and the workplace but often cannot seek redress. Their paid and unpaid labor is super-exploited in the global workplace. Because many migrant women are denied basic rights and basic services, advocacy for women’s rights must make migrant women’s rights explicit or they will be left out.

The following panelists are speaking:briefly and otherwise engage in discussion with each other and with other participants.

  • Hanny Ben-Israel, Kavlaoved and Migrant Forum Asia, Israel
  • Filomenita Hogsholm, K.U.L.U. Women in Development and WIDE, Denmark
  • International Trade Union Confederation, ITUC members from Bahrain, Belgium, Italy, Malaysia and Nepal
  • Milka Isinta, Pan African Network on Migration and Public Services International, Kenya
  • Sr. Lissy Joseph, National Domestic Workers Movement and Migrant Forum Asia, India
  • And other members of the Women and Global Migration Network

Facilitation will be done by

  • Carol Barton, United Methodist Women, US
  • Eve Geddie, PICUM, Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, Belgium
  • Catherine Tactaquin, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and Migrant Rights International, US


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