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Babaylan Europe joins the Filipino nation in honouring the memory of President Corazon Aquino

Yellow_ribbonBabaylan Europe joins the Filipino nation at home and abroad in honouring the memory of ¬†President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, widow of Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. and first woman President of the Philippines as well as in Asia. She did her countrymen and women proud, the Filipinos that her husband Ninoy Aquino referred to as “worth dying for” when as a so-called housewife, she reluctantly ran -and won- against longtime dictator Ferdinand Marcos during the “snap elections” in 198 when the two main military figures of the Marcos regime Chief of Staff Gen Fidel Rraoms and Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile turned sides and supported her leading to the crumbling of the conjugal dictatorsip of the Marcoses.The bloodless revolution became the model of political change for many other countries the world over leading to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the disintegration of the¬† Soviet Union and ascent of Russia, the Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia and many more. Corazon Aquino put the Philippines in the world map in dignity.

Cory Aquino - symbol of democracy

Cory Aquino - symbol of democracy

As part of Womankind Babaylan pays tribute to this singular all time heroine Cory for bringing back democracy to the Philippines by redrafting a new Constitution that limits to 6 years the term of the Presidency, by reviving the once vibrant free Philippine press, restoring the respect for Judiciary, pardoning political prisoners¬† and paying the nations’ foreign debts.

Goodbye Tita Cory and Thank you for making the Filipinos proud to be Pinoy once again if only for a short time in our troubled history as a nation. Long live true People’s Power! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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  1. avatar Ana Lindenhann says

    Without Cory we will not be here today. Ordinary housewife that’s what they call her but they forgot that that’s she’s extraordinary housewife and she’s a Filipina. Mabuhay ka Cory and I hope that her life may inspire others to be a supportive wife, mother and like a bamboo tree she still stands amidst the wind. She was so humble and did not wage war with her enemies instead she prayed for them. She came form a rich family and she became president but she lived a very modest life. Thank you again and long live

  2. avatar owiend says

    I talked with a friend from the Philippines the other day. She said that the athmosphere in the Philippines, Metro Manila, in particular, is very sad due to the death of Cory. The so-called Cory-magic can be felt around. The Filipino people grieves over her departure and talks about her magical presence. Her death leaves a kind of a hole in our society, yet with an encouraging spirit of hope, courage and perseverance. Thanks tita Cory! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!