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Babaylan DK wows at 100 years of International Women’s Day at Copenhagen City Hall

Almost 100 years ago when the 2nd International Women’s Congress met in Copenhagen they unanimously agreed to celebrate to mark March 8 as International Women’s Day to. No less than the Integration Mayor of Copenhagen Klaus Bondam thought it fitting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day with significant inputs from the Danish capital’s immigrant women, from all the continents. So when the newly established EMWC, Ethnic Minority Women’s Council was asked to input into the day, Babaylan DK which has been part and parcel of the newly established nationwide Women’s Council (in Danish Etniske Minoritets Kvinders Råd, EMKR) when its Founding Chair, Filomenita Mongaya Høgsholm was elected as one of its 9 Executive Board Members, readily answered the call. It was quickly decided that both Moroccan women and Filipinas, whose two countries have rich traditions in weaving and ornamentation, could show their mettle in a Cultural Fashion Show.

The Babaylan Denmark during the Fashion show at the Copenhagen City Hall

While the Moroccan women donned long robes some with head covering, and reaching its zenith in an elaborate wedding dress,the Filipinas presented a two tiered show, the first part with traditional costumes starting with a regal Igorot model in tapis, noseflute and drum, to the lowland beauties in Kimona and Sayas then to the Mindanao tapestry with the rainforest T’boli, known to be the most decoration conscious tribe in the whole country, with heavy brass belt, necklace, hair ornaments all in beads and horsehair.

The classic Terno. Model:Filomenita Mongaya Hoegsholm

The Ethnic Migrant's Women's Council Fashion Show introducing the Filipinas and the Moroccan Women.


The women of Luzon wearing "kimuno and Baro't saya"

Igorot woman of Luzon's highlands

This traditional show peaking with the entrance of a Muslim Princess from the Singkil entourage with umbrella wielding Lady in waiting following her every move. Drama!

Mindanao Princesses

The women in Malong with the beautiful princess

For the second part which focused on contemporary fashion, we again wowed the audience with Presidential Awardee for Fashion, Babaylan honorary member Dita Sandico Ong’s banana wraps this time featuring Babaylan members themselves, some of them “veterans” from older shows with Dita. As might be recalled, it was Babaylan who brought the renowned Ms. Sandico Ong to Denmark during one of its Women Dialogues during Images of Asia, September 2003 at the National Museum.

Banana Wrap by Dita Sandico Ong. Models: Jennifer Soliman & Josie Christensen

Banana Wrap by Dita Sandico Ong. Models:Our very own Babaylan Denmark's chairperson Judy Jover & Georgina Hoegsholm

Banana wrap of Dita Sandico Ong modeled by Hilda Gudmunsson

The event at the Copenhagen Rådhus (City Hall) is just the beginning of a promising year for Babaylan’s cultural advocacy utilizing the capabilities of Filipinas, including the Filipina au pairs who are the constant focus of so much publicity and academic intereset (Ph.D hopefuls) in the Danish discourse, often negative. It goes without saying that Babaylan Denmark of course carries on . From strength to strength in all fields of endeavour.

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  1. avatar lumen Malaga says

    Truly a pleasure to read about the event and see the great pictures…Para na ring nandoon ako!..Proud to be Pinay talaga…Sana ulitin pa!