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Babaylan Denmark in Copenhagen International Day 2009

For sixth consecutive years, Babaylan Denmark – The Philippine Women’s Network in Denmark participated in the Copenhagen International Day with Filipino delicacies,handicraft and fashion show showcasing beautiful textiles from banana, silk and batik.

The purpose of the ‘International Day’ is to celebrate and highlight the diversity: our ability to vary jointly across ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and not least generations.

Despite the lousy weather in the morning the event was successful with the participation of 3 Filipino organizations the FAD, PUGAD and Babaylan Denmark who offered Filipino foods which was almost sold out in a matter of 2 hours.


Filipino delicacies and handicrafts

The famous Banana Wrap by Dita Sandico Ong is made of banana fibers interwoven creating an elegant wrap which can be style in various ways.The Peblinge Dossering Street turned in to a catwalk where the 5 beautiful Filipinas  showed the various ways the wrap can be worn over anything,even  ordinary jeans and blouse will transform your outfit to be elegant and glamorous.


The Babaylanes Models wearing Banana Wrap by Dita Sandico Ong

Malong is a traditional “tube skirt” made of handwoven or machine-made multi-colored cotton cloth, bearing a variety of geometric or okir designs. The malong is akin to the sarong worn by peoples in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The malong is traditionally used as a garment by numerous tribes in the Southern Philippines and the Sulu Archipelago.


The Babaylanes Models wearing traditional Malong

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