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Babaylan Denmark celebrates Global Women on International Women’s Day 2012

This year marks the 101 year of celebrating International Women’s Day which was conceived during the International Conference of Women here in Copenhagen in 1910. You can read more about International Women’s Day article written by  Filomenita Mongaya Hoegholm’s last year which you can read here.

According to Commission of Filipino Migrants (CFO) estimates as of 2010; there 4.42 million Filipinos who are permanently living abroad, while those who are Temporary Migrants consists of  Overseas Contract Workers (OFW), students, au pairs etc. is 4.32 millions and 704,906 Irregular Migrants are those undocumented or without any valid papers. The Philippines is the world’s largest exporter of women which 70 % of migrant workers are women. Majority of ends up working as domestic worker in the middle east and other parts of Europe. There are also entertainers, nurses, doctors, au pairs, cooks and waiters etc.

We are dedicating this year’s celebration of International Day to Global Filipino Women. Celebration doesn’t mean that the fight is over but every year when we  celebrate this day together with the rest of the world we applaud the achievements of all those women who fought for our right to vote, to work and close inequality between gender.  This is also the time to create awareness to  the problems of women in various places as there still cases of abuse which is prevalent to migrant or overseas women workers that is not only found in middle eastern countries but  sad to say there are cases of abuse here in European countries as well.

As a women’s organization we are inspired by these courageous women and we will continue our to reach our  goal that these women will treated farely and equally especially the au pairs by providing orientations and capacity building seminars.  To be able to raise awareness we are  active in  joining local and international forum addressing the problems of women migrants.

Mabuhay ang Kababaihan!!!

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