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Babaylan DK’s activities are geared towards helping the Filipino woman realize her potential as an individual; and helping the Filipino woman find her place in Danish/European society. Babaylan DK aims to:

1.  Promote Filipino culture, tradition, history and values by:

  • Participating in events that showcase cultural diversity in Denmark (e.g., International day)
  • Celebrating important anniversaries in Philippine history (e.g., Independence day)
  • Attending performances / exhibits / lectures / presentations of Filipino artists, performers and intellectuals who come to Denmark
  • Organizing seminars on Filipino culture for Danish partners of Filipinos, host families of Filipino au pairs, and children of Filipinos who grew up in Denmark
  • Showcasing Filipino fashion, dances, food and music in social activities
  • Establishing close and open contact with the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, Norway, and the Philippine Consulate in Copenhagen

2.  Provide a safe and supportive social environment where Filipino women can create personal connections with each other, regardless of age, educational background, religion, and socio-economic status by:

  • Organizing meetings and get-togethers where Filipino women can share experiences and knowledge
  • Organizing social activities such as sportsfests, holiday celebrations, and commemorations of important dates in Philippine history
  • Publishing a quarterly news-magazine
  • Interacting online through the organization’s website and Facebook page

3.  Assist Filipino women and youth opportunities in integrating into Danish society by:

  • Encouraging learning of the Danish language
  • Organizing seminars on Danish culture
  • Organizing small group discussions on inter-cultural relationships
  • Providing advice on legal requirements for staying in Denmark

4.  Provide crisis counselling, and assist in the provision of legal aid

5.  Promote economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, financial literacy and financial management

6.  Uphold, advocate, and lobby for the rights of Filipino women overseas by:

  • Advocating the rights of Filipino women as visitors, workers, and permanent residents in Denmark
  • Participating in national, regional and international campaigns against trafficking, sexual exploitation, violence against women, discrimination and social exclusion
  • Participating in debates and discussions about immigrants particularly migrant women in Denmark
  • Establishing links with, and providing support to groups of women of other nationalities and ethnic backgrounds in Denmark and internationally

7.  Affirm and recognize the Filipino woman’s potentials, inherent strengths, intelligence and talents, and promote personal development and empowerment

8.  Promote the health and wellbeing of Filipino women by:

  • Organizing discussions on women’s health, reproductive health, mental health and other common health issues faced by Filipino women abroad
  • Providing opportunities for one-on-one health counselling by Filipina doctors and nurses
  • Providing crisis counselling
  • Organizing seminars on first aid, and first aid for children
  • Mobilizing the Filipino community in fund-raising for emergency health expenses and repatriation

9.  Promote friendship between the Philippines and Denmark, and further mutual knowledge of the two countries.

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