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Aupair Information on First Aid and Legal Rights

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  1. avatar Edith Marie Rosenmeier says

    Dear Babaylan-Denmark.
    Thank you for the invitation to Au pair Information Meeting. I am so sorry, that I cannot come this Saturday. I really would like to have had the outcome of last year’s meeting in May about First Aid refreshed. It seemed to be an overwhelming responsibility in taking care of the children due to the accidents, the au pairs are facing. It would also be nice to have an update on legal rights. Who is the speaker about Legal Rights? and from where?
    Kind regards
    Edith Marie Rosenmeier

  2. avatar analind says

    Hi Edith,
    We will miss you but there will always be next time. Yes it’s really a hard task for the aupairs minding small children as there are always accidents that comes once in awhile. As a parent or just an adult we ought to be reminded of the practical side or how we can react to different kind of emergency situations so I’m excited to this orientation. The doctor will also focus on the health of the au pairs as how to cope up when they fell they have symptoms of different kinds of diseases and how to take care of their health coming from Sunny side pf the earth to cold Denmark and eventually explain a little about the health system here in Dk.
    With regards to the legal rights we revised it caused legal rights as an aupair here in Denmark should be taken in another orientation but it should be written as their legal rights when “Owning a Real State Property in the Philippines”. The speaker is Milagros San Jose a corporate lawyer in the Philippines.
    Regards from all of us in Babaylan