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How to apply

Before applying, read about the rules and regulations regarding au pairs from the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment.  Also read about important aspects of the rules and regulations that we have discussed in detail here, based on questions frequently asked by au pairs.

There is, at present, no centralized national employment or recruitment agency for au pairs in Denmark.  Prospective au pairs should be very suspicious of agents claiming to come from an au pair agency representing host families, offering to find a host family for a fee.  Contact between host families and prospective au pairs is done directly, without any mediators.  It is also often done through personal referrals – for example, former or current au pairs who refer a friend to another family.  There are various websites that act as message boards for prospective host families and prospective au pairs.  Babaylan Denmark does not have resources to evaluate these, and we do not endorse any specific sites.

The application form can be downloaded here.  There is no fee to be paid for getting a copy.  A host family in Denmark can obtain a printed version of the application form from the Immigration Service, or from the local police.

Application form AU1 (Danish and English version)

We learn from au pairs that they get to know their host families first through exchange of emails, phone calls, or video calls.  Once the general terms are agreed upon, the host family in Denmark begins the application process by completing their part (part 2) of the application form and attaching the required documents. They send the form and attached documents to the prospective au pair in the Philippines who then completes the rest (part 1) of the form, and attaches the remaining required documents.  It is the prospective au pair who sends the completed application.

Normally, it is a precondition that the prospective au pair has not previously held a Danish residence permit.  This means that an au pair who has previously completed a two-year stay cannot go back to the Philippines, then begin another contract as an au pair.

Does it cost anything to submit an application?

Yes.  A processing fee is paid directly to the Danish government through an online payment system.  In addition, a processing fee is paid to the Norwegian Embassy in Manila which then forwards the papers to the Danish Immigration Service.  There may also be further requirements such as extra passport photos or duplicate copies of the application.  We recommend that prospective au pairs check the requirements on the website of the Norwegian Embassy in Manila.

It is expected that the prospective au pair will submit the application herself, and appear personally at the embassy.  There is no system for paying another person to submit the application.

How is the application processed?

It is the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) that decides on the application.  The decision is not made in the Norwegian Embassy in Manila.

The application is evaluated along with the attached documentation.  In many cases, they will need to obtain additional information from relevant branch organisations, and will check previous travel information with the Schengen Information System (SIS).

Information on the estimated processing time can be found here.  There is no system for extra payment in order to ‘expedite’ approval through a ‘fast track’.

How do you receive the ruling?

The Danish Immigration Service will send the application back to the Norwegian Embassy in Manila, where it was originally submitted. The papers will then be forwarded to the applicant’s home address, or picked up in person, depending on the procedures followed by the Embassy.  According to the Norwegian Embassy website, applicants will be notified by sms / e-mail when a decision has been received from DIS.