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Extension of residence permit

Read more about the regulations for extension of an au pair residence permit, according to the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment.

It is possible to extend an au pair’s residence permit to a maximum total of 24 months.  It is not possible to extend beyond this time through a new contract with another family, even if a new host family is available.

The application form for extension is the same as the form used for application, except that the applicant should indicate that the purpose is extension on page 7 of the form.

Application form AU1 (Danish and English version)

The application for extension must be submitted no sooner than two months before and no later than one month before the expiration of your current permit.

Important information about your passport

When you apply for an extension, make sure that your passport is valid.  The residence permit can only be extended up to three months before your passport expires. In other words, if your passport expires in 12 months, your residence permit can only be extended by nine months. If you hold a Philippine passport, it can be renewed at the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, Norway.  It is possible to travel by plane to Oslo and submit your application for passport renewal, then come back to Denmark on the same day.  The new passport will be mailed to your address in Denmark.

The Philippine Consulate in Copenhagen regularly coordinates extension services where staff from the Embassy in Oslo come to Copenhagen to receive applications for passport renewal.  They also provide other services such as processing applications for absentee voting.  Babaylan DK is active in helping to organize this activity, which is often held on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday).   There is no regular schedule for this, and it only happens once or twice a year, depending on demand.

It is a good idea to have a passport renewed at least six months before expiry.  If your passport is expiring soon (within one year), we advise that you contact the Consulate and ask about upcoming renewal services.  If there are no upcoming extension services to Copenhagen, then you should plan for going to Oslo.  Your host family will not pay for this trip.

Remember that a valid passport is required for all travel, including onward travel to other countries, or return home to the Philippines.