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Au Pairs

Babaylan Denmark has a special focus on au pairs because:

  • Almost all au pairs are women
  • The large majority of au pairs in Denmark (around 80%, as of 2010) come from the Philippines
  • We want to provide information to prospective au pairs about the rules and conditions for being an au pair in Denmark, to correct misconceptions, and prevent misuse of the system
  • We want to offer Filipina au pairs opportunities to be part of activities that can enrich their experience of living in a foreign country
  • We want to help in the personal development of young Filipinas by opening a line of communication to other women who can serve as guides and mentors, and facilitate access to training for professional development
  • We want to help counter negative publicity and stereotype, and present a positive image of Filipinas
  • We want to help ensure that the au pair system is not used to exploit young women from developing countries as cheap labor
  • We want to serve as advocates for women in crisis, if they encounter abuse or discrimination.

More to come (website under development)