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Our Principles, Vision, Mission

Our Principles

Babaylan believes that migration is brought about by a combination of socio-cultural, economic and political factors in the Philippines that push women to migrate, as well as factors in Europe that pull women to immigrate; the unequal and unjust distribution of wealth and resources in the world; the colonial culture ingrained by years of colonization by the west; the Philippine government’s failure to address decisively the problem of poverty and its policies that encourage migration; and the low value of women’s work in the Philippines and in Europe.

In a globalizing world, the well-educated Filipina, prized for her work ethic, good service and competent English language skills, can contribute to the European economy.   However, Filipinas face problems common to women migrants in Europe: racism and sexual discrimination, employment in low paid repetitive work, low salaries, de-skilling, intellectual stagnation, unrecognised educational level, and language and cultural difficulties.

Our Vision
We envision a strong Filipino woman who can survive personal difficulties and challenges, and who is able to realize her value as an individual. We envision a well-educated Filipino woman, with her work ethic, family values, and communication skills, realizing her potential to be a valued member of Danish and European society.

Our Mission
Over the next five years (2012-2016) we want to scale up our activities and campaigns as a women’s organization: to involve a larger number of Filipino women in Denmark, and improve the quality of services that we offer to those we reach. We want the women we serve to feel that they are valued members of a larger community. We want our organization to be a model for a support system for migrants’ integration into Danish society.