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Winter 2010/2011

ABAKADA winter edition 2010/2011 coverHappy Holidays to all!

We often use “Happy Holidays” as greetings during Christmas. It is often used as a generic cover-all greeting for all the Winter holidays, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Chi­nese New Year and Thanksgiving. It is an all-inclusive greeting no matter what culture or religion one belongs to, fitting a growing and increas­ingly diverse population.

In the Philippines, Christmas sea­son is the most popular celebration of the year where Happy Holidays covers Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.
Christmas season is the most popu­lar celebration of the year and is the most anticipated event for every Filipino. It is the time to remember being with the family, giving gifts, preparing special foods, wearing your best clothes, decorating the house, hanging parols, playing Christmas songs, shopping, sending cards, it goes on and on… For Filipinos abroad, it’s the time of the year to visit their families back home, to be with their loved ones on Christmas Day! It’s the season to be jolly…

Babaylan-Denmark would like to share a peek of Filipino Christ­mas to all Pinoy around the country. Since October this year, our Reach Out Program, through Western Union’s sponsorship and help from our friends and supporters, has been a huge success. Holding Christmas Events to different Filipino communities from different regions all over Denmark, be it a community fair, dinner parties, Christmas Food Court or Christmas cultural shows, the Filipinos unite to create a strong bond with the aim of helping our kababayans as well as keeping our cultures and traditions. It is in the spirit of Christmas where we have common thoughts on what to give, what to share and what to eat!

Filipinas I met from several events held in Jylland,Fyn, Midt Jyl­land, Nykøbing, Flaster & Møn were all positive and supportive of the program. It is my hope that in the coming years, Babaylan will be more visible and active in empowering our Filipina kababayans for better life and opportunities.

As we unite in the spirit of Christmas, may the coming years bring us together to realize our goal of keeping Babaylan-Den­mark, stronger, committed and highly competent in organizing for change!


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