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Summer/Autumn 2011 Issue

ABAKADA Magazine - Summer/Autumn 2011 Issue


Judy Jover, Chairperson Babaylan-Denmark

Welcome to ABAKADA Magazine Summer Issue 2011.

I am extremely proud to once again welcome you to another issue of our ABAKADA Magazine on its summer issue.

This year, Babaylan is fortunate to be able to publish its magazine, ABAKADA, quarterly. Thanks to our main sponsor Western Union MT for its continuous support for many years.

Summer is gone and here comes fall. Summer this year kept us mostly indoors because of constant rain and rare and unpredictable sunny days. The good thing about this was that we in Babaylan were fortunate that, for most of our events, the weather was cooperative. Our events for this quarter highlighted different topics and themes which Babaylan-Denmark focuses on. In seminars, orientations, dialogues, fora and conferences that Babaylan-Denmark has initiated, collaborated on and delegated, it is always our kababayan, especially our womenfolk, whom we try to update and empower. Our networks, nationally and internationally, are growing with speed and diversity. The word “Babaylan” has become recognizable. Babaylan has made its mark.

Our mini conference in Chur, Switzerland, with Babaylan Europe last April revived the zest of Babaylan women for the planning and preparation of the coming 20th anniversary of Babaylan-Europe in September 2012. The orientations and seminars of Babaylan-Denmark focused on Filipino Au Pairs have been few this year and have lost their momentum since Babaylan-Denmark originally started the idea in 2008; other organizations have mushroomed and offered social services and crucial aid that, previously, only Babaylan-Denmark offered.

The adrenalin from the summer sports events for two consecutive years has given us the confirmation that actions speaks louder than words. Funeral rites for two deceased Au Pairs and the repatriation of their remains in a span of five months have left Babaylan-Denmark the impression that there are more issues to be addressed, which only a gender-based organization can deliver to specific target groups.

Last June, I participated in the conference and 10th anniversary of the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM), which Babaylan-Denmark has been a member of for 10 years. Such participation in the event widened our network not only within Europe but also in the rest of the world, as we were able to discuss, build strategies, recognize, support and join forces with other concerned organizations to protect and promote respect for the human rights of undocumented migrants in Europe.

Babaylan-Denmark’s initiative in organizing highlighted annual events for the Filipino community in Denmark this year, like a Santa Cruzan in May, a Philippine Independence Day event in June, a summer sports tournament in August, and the Copenhagen International Days in September showed how a team of dedicated and spirited ladies manage to juggle their tight schedules to offer and deliver successful results.

Our newly founded Babaylan-Denmark/Odense shows a promising sign that Babaylan’s mission and vision can be re-echoed to empower more Filipinas who are out of our reach. The belief and dedication of the founders and members of Babaylan-Denmark/Odense to the cause of Babaylan is our pride.

We in Babaylan-Denmark always try to make a difference. Organizing to make a change is our expertise. Our 3Rs – Research, Resource Persons and Reaching Out – are gaining momentum. We owe our success to all of you Filipinas who believe in and support our cause, and who keep Babaylan-Denmark firm on its ground.

Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Welcome to Babaylan-Denmark!


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