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Summer 2010

Judy Jover - Chairperson, Babaylan DK

ABAKADA - 2010 Summer issue

Warm greetings to everyone!

ABAKADA is here on its first edition for year 2010. After a long absence, we are proud to release this issue with special focus on migration and remittances.

This year marked the celebration of our 13th years of existence to the public. Through the years, it had slowly been paying off as recognition; respect and acknowledgment to the advocacies which Babaylan has focused on, are overwhelmingly received and supported by the Filipino community and the Danish society as a whole.

Babaylan-Denmark’s dedicated members and volunteers, old and new, have served as an ear, a leg and an arm with a BIG heart to all migrant Filipinos not only here in Denmark but also outside the country.

We will continue to do so to the best of our ability as we keep with our mission and vision, which is to organize and initiate changes that will help improve and lift the lives, status and conditions of all Filipina migrants.

As we take a look at our cover, we see our kababayans leave the country for greener pastures. Others leave for various reasons, but, not all of us who left the country always have a success story to share for inspiration. Many are not that lucky to reach their goals and expectations, others struggle and few give it another try hoping to find the golden pot at the end of the rainbow.

Migration has its price. Homesickness, countless disappointments, multiple frustrations and oftentimes depleted morale, insecurities and feelings of isolation are somewhat included in the package in the name of migration. These we pay for with a high price. The need to survive these challenges is like an art. Survival kit for migration has not hit the market yet since its start. For now, we all seem so busy finding the solutions for imigrations social costs.

Meanwhile, as Babaylan gets stronger and geared to its goals for this year, we aim to continue, explore and discover cutting-edge possibilities on how we can influence and contribute in changing the stereotyped image stamped on Filipinas here in Denmark and perhaps the rest of the world.

A challenge, but united, we can make a difference. Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Download ABAKADA in pdf:

ABAKADA 2010 Summer issue Cover (p.1)
ABAKADA 2010 Summer issue (pp. 2-4)
ABAKADA 2010 Summer issue (pp. 5-10)
ABAKADA 2010 Summer issue (pp. 11-14)
ABAKADA 2010 Summer issue (p. 16)
ABAKADA 2010 Summer issue (pp. 25-30)
ABAKADA 2010 Summer issue (pp. 31-32)