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ABAKADA – Spring 2011 Issue

ABAKADA - Spring 2011 Cover

ABAKADA - Spring 2011 Cover

ABAKADA, the official news magazine of Babaylan-Denmark is here on its Spring issue for YR 2011.  The magazine is trilingual and published quarterly by Babaylan-Denmark covering issues of women and gender, migration and asylum, development, cross-cultures, etc.

Download ABAKADA in pdf:

ABAKADA Spring 2011 – #1
ABAKADA Spring 2011 – #2
ABAKADA Spring 2011 – #3
ABAKADA Spring 2011 – #4
ABAKADA Spring 2011 – #5
ABAKADA Spring 2011 – #6
ABAKADA Spring 2011 – #7

Babaylan is also accepting articles and advertisements for the ABAKADA Summer 2011 issue. For further details, please email us at

ABAKADA Spring 2011 Issue

Judy Jover Spring has sprung!

Daffodils are the perennial symbol of springtime. Trees begin to bud and migratory birds are returning. The season sees many flowers blooming having soaked up the sunlight after a long hard winter. We have noticed the coming of spring a few extra minutes of daylight or even in the way we dress. The arrival of spring signals a new beginning, of Hope and Prosperity. Sunshine, laughter, living outdoors and a kaleidoscope of colors all around!

Spring forward but do look back!

The beginning of 2011 for Babaylan-Denmark was indeed a promising one. After the huge success of our Reach Out Project, which was to organize Pinoy Christmas Events among many different Filipino Communities all over Denmark, we were able to unite most of our Kababayans on this special occasion where they could share and experience the spirit of Christmas away from home.

It is true that whenever Filipinos get together, there will be more get togethers to follow. New plans are quickly drawn, new groups formed, long lost friends found, old friends reunited, lost contacts reconnected and old songs revived.

The birth of Babaylan-Denmark/Odense has proven to us how the power of networking and social media works hand in hand in this new twenty first century. Our advocacy and struggles were seen, heard and followed from a distance by some Filipino women who happened to have the same vision as we did. Finally this Spring has witnessed the beginning of a group which has solid bonds of solidarity and have a strong belief that they can make a difference to the community where they belong. It did not come as a surprise to us that another Babaylan Chapter would spring up!

In Denmark, from out of 9300 Filipino migrants, 80% are female. A tiny NGO like Babaylan Denmark, without any funding at all from the government has to rely mostly on its regular sponsors and volunteers find it very challenging to try to keep its missions fulfilled with zero help from public authorities, even as we devote enormous amounts of our freetime to this commitment. Thanks to all our Kababayang Pinays, who are always willing to offer their time and expertise in the different fields be it in medicine, law, finance, communications, culture and arts, and many more areas. Sharing with others our knowledge tends to make a difference in the long run…

In the time to come, the challenge of educating our womenfolk about their basic individual rights, empowering and encouraging them to help change the image of the Filipinas here and abroad will keep us all busy, our goal is to keep challenged and focused to move forward to; it is the commitment which we cannot overlook…..

Chairperson, Babaylan Denmark


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