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A Filipina to be deported while still running a case against her former employer

Immigration rules prevent a young Filipina in running a case trial against her former employer at Stampenborg godst.

Isabel Lagang learned that the Ministry of Integration would not give her permission to remain in Denmark during the trial proceedings against her former employer on Stampenborg godst”. She needs to leave the country already the next day.

– I’m not ready to go home. I am preparing everything (for the case trial, ed.). And I want what I am entitled to.” says Isabel Lagang.

She worked at Stampedsborg godst in 2007. On the contract, it was written nanny and not au pair, and a salary of 17,000 crowns while she was only paid 4000 crowns, because 8000 crowns was deducted for rental of a place that is a part of the godset, which she shared with an au pair. Isabel Lagang got no choice on where to live, so she could save money. The forced rent is problematic, as it is also problematic to send her out of the country before she is allowed to testify against her former employers.

The workers union FOA helps her and says:

– She is not alone in having the legal right, that if one loses his/her job, then he/she will lose even his/her stay basis, and therefore it is important to find out how much one actually loses his/her legal rights just because one is a foreigner in Denmark, explains Jacob Bang, the union secretary of  FOA, who believe that Lagang has a good case if she otherwise would be allowed to finish it.

– For a 21 year old girl from the Philippines wanting to pay 8000 crowns for a luxurious residence in Præstø and neighborhood, it is totally unrealistic. So, that way to exploit the rules and exploit its privileged information, as a Dane, we find it really unreasonable, “says Jacob Bang on the land/property owner who did not wish to comment on the matter.

Article was first published on Fridag, 30th oktober
by TV2 Øst and originally in danish.


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