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Invitation to Babaylan Denmark’s 18th Anniversary

babaylan-dk-18th-bday-invitationA Cordial Invitation to our Friends, Partners, Supporter, Symphatizers

18th Birthday of Babaylan

In May, 1997a new star was born in the firmament of Filipino organizations in Denmark when BABAYLAN DK started its unique existence as the only group focused on migration, women and gender rights. Since then, Babaylan Denmark blazed a trail in its chosen advocacies, helping Filipinas in diaspora, from vigilance in women’s rights, eg. Filipina Au pairs in EU, to active affirmation of cultural parity, overseas voting rights and much more.

COME and JOIN US  in our Joyful Celebration of our Coming of Age, our 18th Birthday when we vow to continue working on several fronts : political, social, cultural-educational to empower the Filipina, to equip her to navigate an intensely globalizing world.

Our Birthday Celebration consists of 2 Main Events:

1. FUN AFTERNOON: Going Bananas over Fashion 13:30 – 16:30
(Free entrance, Filipino delicacies and Filipiniana @fleamarket prices)
******a Filipiniana afternoon where we will explore Philippine fashion’s latest trends: indigenous weaves. Also a mini fleamarket to sample Pilipino snacks/ “merienda” plus Handicrafts, Basketry, Bijouteri from Nature & Fashion Show!

(  Tickets available at 225 Dkk including First Drink) Dinner, Cultural Presentations, Lottery

Come to our Gala evening when we urge our Guests to come in National Dress and they will be served traditional Philippine dishes, and entertained by Filipino music, dance and a traditional fashion show from various regions.

We are also launching a FUNDRAISE CAMPAIGN during this special event as we need our own office/domicile  after 18 years without one! To this end, We Welcome DONATIONS, CONTRIBUTIONS and other GIFTS.Thanks!

Looking Forward to See you all!

On behalf of BDO Anniversary Committee

Ana Lindenhann                                 Filomenita Mongaya Høgsholm

Babaylan DK Current chair                   Babaylan DK Founding Chair

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Agreement on an improved Au Pair Scheme in Denmark


DENMARK: Agreement on an improved Au Pair Scheme

by Filomenita Mongaya Høgsholm, Founding Chair & Intl. Liaison

As of 19 December 2014, an agreement has taken place between the Danish Coalition Government (Socialdemocrats and the Social Liberals (de radikale venstre)  and 3 smaller parties, the rightwing Danish People’s  Party, the leftwing Socialistic People’s Party and  the ultra leftwing Unity Party. This agreement, which eventually will become Law when passed later in the year, is designed to give Au Pairs in Denmark  better condtions which the agreeing parties  want to effectuate by raising the monthly allowance, more leisure time in order for the au pairs to have time to enjoy Denmark, and therefore  have more cultural gains from their stay . Additionally, the agreement should establish  a clearer framework and a sharper delineation between household chores and leisure time so both host family and au pair can stick to rules.

Finally, the parties to the Agreement agree on the Au Pair scheme being primarily for young people who live with a host family,  and therefore is not compatible with au pairs having their own families. But for au pairs who get pregnant, or eventually give birth while they are in Denmark, they  will get the necessary help while being made aware of their rights. Better conditions

1. More off days – an additional half day so in all, the au pair has 1 1/2 days off per week.   Plus all official holidays. Holidays should be negotiated between au pair and host family such that  au pairs can accummulate more paid holidays.

2. Au Pair Allowances will be raised to 4000 DKK per month.

3. The Host family must shoulder fully the two-way airticket.

4. Unlike before, au pairs shall now have possibility of voluntary work so long as this harmonizes with the au pair’s hours with the host family.

5. Better possibility to find new host family as the au pair is given a full month to do this.

6. Host families on the other hand who want to terminate the contract with the au pair must give one month’s notice and must be obliged to give the au pair allowance for this period even when the au pair has already left the family during this period. On  the part of the au pair who wants to terminate the contract, he or she is still required to give 15 day’s notice but both host family and au pair can terminate the contract if there are serious conditions that require immediate action.  Both shal sign this intent to  terminate contract mutually.

7.  There is a 2 year quarantine for host families who do not pay two-way airfares nor provide insurance. This is in addition to the old requirement of own room for the au pair, and the normative allowance. Families who require  more hours of the au pair than the stipulated 25 hours a week will also be subjected to this quarantine.

Clearer  Framework

1. Lower age limit is now 18 years being the “majority ” age, vs. the 17 years from before.

2. There should be Work schedules signed by host family during the application period, with the desired hours indicated so as to provide a balance between work and leisure hours.

3. Better information for the Au pairs and the host families. The au pair receives a brochure together with his/her residence permit while the guidance letter to host families should be updated and improved. A follow-up letter is sent to both host family and au pair ca. 3 months after the start of the scheme.

4. The agreed parties  wish private au pair  agencies to be able to give correct and sufficient  instruction to both host family and au pair. Such agencies now have the possibility to have a contact person from the Labour market and Recruitment Authority,with a yearly meeting. Pregnancy

The agreed parties have  noted that the Danish government within the scope of CEDAW, the UN Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women,  allows au pairs who have gotten pregnant to continue their stay if both  the host family and the au pair wish to do so. But au pairing is not compatible with having a family. However, the au pair who gets pregnant, and wish evt. to give birth here, will be given the necessary help, and be informed of her rights and responsibilities. The aim is to have fewer au pairs ending in this difficult situation. Rejection awaits the au pair who are in the family way before going home. An au pair who does, will forfeit her permit to stay, but may stay up to 2 months after birthing.

Danish lessons 22.5 mill kr.a year is budgetted by the Danish govenrment for Danish language courses aimed at accessing the labour market, which host families are not expected to co-finance at the moment.  Au pairs are expected to be more proficient in Danish because this enables them to have a better stay, know their rights and gives them  a coherent perspective on au pairing. By expecting host families to co-finance this -thru a 5000 dkk contribution- will motivate them to encourage  their au pairs to learn Danish. This amount will help the government to finance labout market-targetted Danish lessons and administration costs. This amount is obligatory for host families whether their au pair goes to Danish lessons or not.


A BACKGROUNDER NB: As the biggest deployer of AU Pairs to the Nordic countries Denmark and Norway, the Philippines has its own relevant agency on Au Pair matters, the Commission on Filipinos Overseas which has obligatory PreDeparture Seminars to underscore its intent that Au Pair Scheme is strictly a Cultural Project as intended from the 1969 Convention under the Council of Europe. At the same time, the Phil. govt. thru CFO strictly prohibits the use of agencies in procuring au pairs, which is in direct contrast to the new wish of the Danish government to favour agencies in the proposed new law.  Departing au pairs with agency connections are normally denied approval by the government, BABAYLAN, the Philippine Women’s Network has been working on Au Pair matters since 2004 when it tabled Au Pair issues during the first Pulong ng Bayan (Filipino Community meeting, Helsingborg, Sweden). It established the Au Pair Network in May 2008 together with KULU, the International Women and Development Organization and FOA, a labour union, which has since been recruiting au pairs as labour union members, inspite of the scheme being a cultural exchange program officially, also in Denmark. In view of Babaylan being the official partner of CFO in Denmark, having signed in March 2013 an MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) to help Au Pairs to a better life in Denmark and Norden, it has been carrying out information modules, delivering services, capacity building, monitoring, formulating innovation to improve au pair policies. Inspite of it being entirely WITHOUT FUNDS from the Danish or the Philippine government.  It also organized the first Au Pair conference in Norden -in Oslo- in 2009, has published our own Au Pair Handbook in 2013 and countless articles focused on au pairs in our  quarterly ABAKADA magazine. Our Board members are often invited to input into the Au Pair issue  In 2014, we hosted a Workshop on AU Pairs during the Nordic Forum in Malmø, June 2014.  In November 2014, Babaylan DK anchored the visit of CFO staff to carry out UGNAYAN, an attempt to connect with Filipino overseas communities in selected countries, among them Denmark. Au pairs  were among those targetted by CFO with financial literacy modules as well as orientations on development issues and voting rights in Philippine elections in 2016. From the start of 2015, BABAYLAN DK , in continuing  its partnership with the Philippine government on the Au Pair issue, will initiate WELCOME AFTERNOONs for newly  arrived Au PAIRS where they are introduced  to Danish culture and society as well as  Rights and Responsibilities as Au Pair being on Equal Footing with their host Danish families in the  everyday. Babaylan has a number of projects planned for 2015 that will improve the welfare of  Filipino women in general and FIlipino au pairs in particular.


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Invitation to Au Pair Reception and Info Event in Denmark

Invitation to Au Pair Reception and Info Event  in Denmark

Babaylan-Denmark and the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Philippines are coordinating a monthly WELCOME to Au Pairs, an Info Meeting & Social Event every last Sunday starting from January 25, 2015.n has been working with the Au Pair issue since 2004 and before that on the EU level.

All Au Pairs coming to Denmark should have already attended CFS, Country Familiarization Seminar conducted by CFO in Manila to prepare them for cultural immersion so they can better engage and benefit from their stay in the host country. Upon arrival in Denmark, Babaylan-DK, the Filipino women’s network tasked -but not funded- according to a Memorandum of Agreement with CFO, to work towards improving the situation of Danish au pairs, will provide them different modules, ie. information, health, culture and many other aspects to au pair living. We will be inviting speakers with relevant expertise and we will also have inputs that assist the newcomers to fit in to their new roles in Denmark as young people living with young families, on equal footing in the family setting, with law-bound rights and responsibilities, in harmony with Filipino culture. Our network Babaylan has been working with the Au Pair issue since 2004 and before that on the EU level. The Philippine Cultural Guild of Denmark (PCGD) is a partner in this activity

WHAT: WELCOME/Info Meet & Social Event WHERE: Dagøgade 10, 2300 Copenhagen S WHEN: 25 January 2015, 13- 17:00 hrs Light snacks will be served Email or SMS to confirm: Ana Lindenhann – 5350 0574 Hedelyn Reyes – 6047 3279 Gemma Høegh – 2388 8611 FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK

The Philippine Cultural Guild of Denmark (PCGD) is a partner in this activity.

Invitation to Au Pair

Invitation to Au Pair Info Event 25.january2015

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TWO BABAYLANS from Denmark are Presidential Awardees for 2014

TWO BABAYLANS from Denmark are Presidential Awardees for 2014

History is in the making for the non-profit and 100% voluntary Filipino women’s network BABAYLAN Denmark when two of its members garner the much coveted Presidential Awards which will be marked with  Ceremonies at Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippines  on December 5, 2014 at 4 pm.

BABAYLAN Denmark’s Founding Chair FILOMENITA MONGAYA HØGSHOLM and former Treasurer ROSALYN VENNING are two among 33 individuals and organizations awarded this Presidential honour  under 4 different  categories:

Kaanib ng Bayan, is conferred to foreign individuals and organizations who have significant contributions benifiting a sector or community in the Philippines; the Lingkod sa Kapwa to Filipino associations or individulas for exceptional contribution to development in the country;

The  Bana-ag Award conferred to FIlipino individuals and organizations who befitted a sector or advanced the cause of overseas Filipino communities; and finally

The Pamana ng Pilipino Award conferred to overseas Filipinos overseae, who in exemplifying the talent and industry of the Filipino have brought the country Honour and Recognition through excellence and distinction in the pursuit of their work or profession. This is the 11th editiiin of this  biennial Awards which  wa institutionalised in 1991 with the signing of Executive Order no. 498 under the Fidel Ramos presidency. To date, there have been 343 Filipinos and private organizations overseas that have received the Award. This year’s crop of 33  Awardees come from 13 countries and 27are individuals while 6 are organizations coming out of 157 nominations from 29 countries.

While Ms. FIlomenita Mongaya Høgsholm receives the Pamana ng Pilipino  Award, Ms. Rosalynn Venning from the organization Humana Child Aid Society operating in Malaysia, is awarded the Kaanib ng Bayan Award,




28 November 2014


His Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino III will honor 33 distinguished and outstanding overseas Filipinos and foreign-based organizations from 13 countries during the Awarding Ceremonies for the 2014 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas on December 5, 2014 at the Malacañang Palace. In conferring the Awards, the President will be assisted by Secretary Imelda M. Nicolas, the Chairperson of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.

The president commended the 33 individuals and organization not only for their personal and professional achievements, but also for what they’ve contributed to the development of the Philippines and the welfare of their fellow Filipinos everywhere: “I congratulate the Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino, Kaanib ng Bayan, Banaag and Pamana ng Pilipino Awardees for their efforts to better the conditions of our kababayans here in the Philippines and abroad, and representing the Filipino talent and industry in their adoptive homelands.

” Institutionalized in 1991 through Executive Order No. 498, the Presidential Awards is a biennial search for overseas-based individuals and organizations which have dedicated their work in the service and improvement of lives of Filipinos worldwide, selflessly supported relief, rehabilitation and development programs in the home country, or who have excelled in their field or profession.

The awardees were thoroughly screened from a total of 157 nominations from 29 countries by three different committees with representatives from the government, civil society, media, academe, religious and business sectors, and finally the President of the Philippines. The Presidential Awards has four categories – Kaanib ng Bayan Award, Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino Award, Banaag Award, and Pamana ng Pilipino Award.

Kaanib ng Bayan Awardees

The Kaanib ng Bayan Award is conferred on foreign individuals or organizations for their exceptional or significant contribution to Philippine reconstruction, progress and development, or have significantly benefited a sector or community in the Philippines, or advanced the cause of overseas Filipino communities.


(L-R) American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Wako Asato, Humana Child Aid Society, Dominiek Segaert

1. American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (Israel) – the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization, which provided philanthropic assistance and continuous rebuilding efforts in areas in the Philippines hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

2. Wako Asato (Japan) – a Japanese expert in the field of Philippine migration research, who extended scholarship grants to underprivileged college students in Central Visayas.

3. Humana Child Aid Society (Malaysia) – a fully independent non-governmental organization, which operates plantation schools in remote areas, catering to the basic educational needs of thousands of “stateless” children, many of them of Filipino ancestry. 4. Dominiek Segaert (Belgium) – a Belgian educator, who initiated fundraising activities for the improvement of the quality of secondary education in Davao Del Sur.

Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino (LINKAPIL) Awardee

The LINKAPIL Award is conferred on Filipino associations or individuals for their exceptional or significant contribution to reconstruction, progress and development in the Philippines. Serenata 1. Serenata (Saudi Arabia) – a children’s choir and string chamber orchestra, which is dedicated to impart excellence in music and fellowship, and support the education of less fortunate students in the Philippines.



Banaag Awardees

The Banaag Award is conferred on Filipino individuals or associations for their contributions which have significantly benefited a sector or advanced the cause of overseas Filipino communities.

(L-R) Daegu Filipino Community Council, Danilo M. Favor, Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (Central Region, Chapter Saudi Arabia), Rosa Angelica C. Libron

(L-R) Daegu Filipino Community Council, Danilo M. Favor, Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (Central Region, Chapter Saudi Arabia), Rosa Angelica C. Libron


(L-R) Augusto I. Mercado, Migrant Heritage Commission Victoria B. Navarro, Anita A. Sasaki



1. Daegu Filipino Community Council (South Korea) – a non-profit organization that promotes the welfare and well-being of Filipino migrants in Daegu, South Korea through spiritual engagement, social involvement, political and welfare services, and charity works.

2. Danilo M. Favor (United Kingdom) – a registered nurse and the first elected Filipino councilor in East Grinstead, United Kingdom, who initiated several health-related charitable programs that have benefited the Filipino community.

3. Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers Central Region Chapter Saudi Arabia, IIEE-CRCSA (Saudi Arabia) – a professional organization committed in uniting and assisting in the professional development of Filipino migrant electrical engineers in Saudi Arabia.

4. Rosa Angelica C. Libron (South Korea) – a passionate nun who was instrumental in the establishment of the Filipino-Korean Community in Guri City, and provides assistance to distressed Filipinos in South Korea.

5. Augusto I. Mercado (USA) – founder of the wireless engineering business enterprise, Datalogix and a Filipino-community leader in Texas who assists distressed Filipino migrants.

6. Migrant Heritage Commission (USA) – a non-profit service oriented organization which provides pro-bono services in protecting and advancing human rights of migrants and their families in the US, and supports charitable projects of several Filipino-American groups in the Philippines.

7. Victoria B. Navarro (USA) – former President of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, who was supportive in advancing the cause of Filipino nurses in the US, and for their philanthropic activities in the Philippines.

8. Anita A. Sasaki (Japan) – a Filipino community leader who established ‘Tahanan ni Nanay’, a half-way house for Filipinos in distress and a learning center for Filipino-Japanese children. Pamana ng Pilipino Awardees The Pamana ng Pilipino Award is conferred on Filipinos overseas, who, in exemplifying the talent and industry of the Filipino, have brought the country honor and recognition through excellence and distinction in the pursuit of their work or profession.



(L-R) Roderick M. Dela Cruz, Filomenita M. Hoegsholm, Jonathan D. Irabagon, Jasmine B. Lee, Cecile B. Licad (L-R) Sheila Lirio-Marcelo, Robert Lopez, Katherine R. Luzuriaga, Baldomero M. Olivera, Alfredo R. Roces



(L-R) Sheila Lirio-Marcelo, Robert Lopez, Katherine R. Luzuriaga, Baldomero M. Olivera, Alfredo R. Roces

(L-R) Lea Salonga, Lolita Valderrama-Savage, Paolo Antonio S. Silva, Ofelia Gelvezon-Tequi

(L-R) Lea Salonga, Lolita Valderrama-Savage, Paolo Antonio S. Silva, Ofelia Gelvezon-Tequi

1. Marianito O. Asperilla (USA) – an infectious disease specialist who introduced the multi-county bioterrorism response group to deal with the threat of bioterrorism in the US.

2. Michael Cinco (UAE) – a famed fashion designer in the Middle East known for his creative couture creations that have been featured in the international fashion scene. 3. Kristoffer L. Collo (USA) – founder of MicroPact, a leading information technology company in the US specializing in the development of case management and business process management software.

4. Cristeta Comerford (USA) – the first Asian and woman executive chef of the US White House, serving Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama.

5. Sheila S. Coronel (USA) – a veteran investigative journalist who serves as the Director of the Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, and Dean of Academic Affairs of the Columbia University.

6. William D. Dar (India) – a champion of horticulture and the first Filipino to serve as Director General of International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics in India.

7. Roderick M. Dela Cruz (USA) – a Southern California Edison senior engineer who shares his expertise in the field of dam safety to the Philippines.

8. Filomenita M. Hoegsholm (Denmark) – a strong advocate of gender equality in Europe and one of the founders of the Babaylan-Denmark, a non-profit organization that works on political, cultural-educational, and social causes to improve the situation of Filipinas in Denmark.

9. Jonathan D. Irabagon (USA) – an award-winning saxophonist who was named one of the New York City jazz icons. 10. Jasmine B. Lee (South Korea) – the first Filipina and foreign-born citizen to be elected in the National Assembly of South Korea.

11. Cecile B. Licad (USA) – a world renowned classical musician dubbed as “a pianist’s pianist”.

12. Sheila Lirio-Marcelo (USA) – founder of the, one of the largest online care services in the US, and advocate of women empowerment.

13. Robert Lopez (USA) – composer of the hits songs from Walt Disney’s “Frozen” and the first Filipino EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) awardee. 14. Katherine R. Luzuriaga (USA) – a pediatric immunologist, who was part of the team that cured an infant with HIV in the US. 15. Baldomero M. Olivera (USA) – a chemist and distinguished professor of Biology at the University of Utah, who made ground-breaking research in cone nail toxins which is important for neuroscience. 16. Alfredo R. Roces (Australia) – a versatile artist, anthropologist, historian, essayist and photographer based in Australia.

17. Lea Salonga (USA) – a famed international singer, voice talent and Broadway theater actress, who exemplified the musical talent and ingenuity of Filipino.

18. Lolita Valderrama-Savage (USA) – a painter whose artworks were internationally exhibited in the US, Europe, and Asia.

19. Paolo Antonio S. Silva (USA) – an ophthalmologist who made pioneering contributions in retina research in the US and helped establish the first telemedicine program for diabetic eye disease in the Philippines.

20. Ofelia Gelvezon-Tequi (France) – an internationally acclaimed painter and printmaker based in France. The Presidential Awards is spearheaded by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, an agency under the Office of the President tasked to promote and uphold the interests, rights and welfare of overseas Filipinos, as well as to maintain strong and mutually beneficial ties between overseas Filipinos throughout the world and the motherland.

“In observance of the Month of Overseas Filipinos this December, we congratulate and pay tribute to this year’s recipients of the 2014 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas,” said Sec. Imelda M. Nicolas, Chairperson of Commission on Filipinos Overseas. “Because they embody the best that a global Filipino can be, we salute them for their commendable efforts, exceptional professional accomplishments, and civic and humanitarian involvements that have contributed to the advancement of the adopted countries they serve, and the home country we love.”

After the Presidential Awards, the CFO is organizing the 3rd Global Summit of Filipinos in the Diaspora at the Manila Hotel this coming February 25-27, 2015. Known as the largest gathering in the Philippines of Presidential awardees, Filipino community leaders, and other Filipinos in the diaspora, the Global Summit aims to produce a clear vision and strategic action plan for Filipino diaspora communities for 2015 and beyond. It also encourages overseas Filipinos to engage in the different components of the Diaspora to Development or D2D – from diaspora philanthropy, diaspora investment, entrepreneurship and business; eco-tourism, health and wellness tourism, Balik-Turo; Alay-Dunong sa Bayan, legal assistance to overseas Filipinos in distress, retirement options to the rationalized coordination of medical/dental missions. For more information about the Presidential Awards, please contact Mr. Rodrigo Garcia or Mr. Frencel Tingga of the Awards Secretariat, Commission on Filipinos Overseas, Citigold Center,1345 Pres. Quirino Ave.cor South Superhighway, Manila at tel. nos.: 552-4765 to 66 or,,

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Forum on Aupair system Invitation by Commission on Filipinos Overseas.

Date: November 24, 2014 – Monday
Time: 13-16:30
Venue: Copenhagen Conference Center (CCC)
Nørre Farimagsgade 45, 1364 Copenhagen K
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We are looking forward to seeing you at the above Roundtable Discussion that we at Babaylan- Denmark (The Philippine Women’s Network) is co-arranging with the CFO, Commission of Filipinos Overseas team on the Au Pair Scheme and other issues pertaining to Filipino migrants in Denmark. The Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) is the arm of the Philippine government that oversees and supports initiatives that strengthen the welfare of its citizens around the world. From 22 to 25 November, CFO’s Key Officials are visiting Denmark as part of its Nordic tour to experience firsthand
the conditions of Filipino migrants including au pairs, in the host countries. The Invitation for you -and one other colleague from your organization/institution – is to input on this Special Roundtable Discussion to bring needed change. It is no secret that Filipino au pairs have
recently been unwittingly in the limelight, but without a chance to respond or defend themselves. They are blamed: for many things: for not speaking fluent Danish and thus jeopardizing Danish children’s future, for sending all their money home, for getting pregnant with some getting abortions,
for being meek slaves, for not being cultural, worse not having any culture, etc. The list goes on and all being chronicled in Danish media. The Au Pair “industry” is dominated by very few players who have all the means to influence policy, while concerned others without financing remain unheard,
helpless. It is time to open up the debate and hear from a broader spectrum. Please indicate if you want to participate as Panellist or Discussant by sending a mail to any of the three (3) members of the Co-ordinating committee. We eagerly await your speedy reply and hope
you can join us in an interesting afternoon where we can engage in genuine exchange of views and initiatives so we can forward the Au Pair scheme in a Win-Win situation for both the Philippines and Denmark.

Yours sincerely,
Filomenita M. Hoegsholm  Babaylan Denmark Founder
Ana Lindenhann , Babaylan Denmark current Chairperson
Judy Jover, Babaylan Denmark PRO and former Chairperson

or confirm direct to CFO confirmation form
flyer confirmation form 2

Check out CFO Roadshow to other Nordic Countries in this link

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